2 Jan 2018

2017 in photos

OMG a year have passed by and I have totally neglect the blogg. 
I have been having around Instagram linda_inspiration
I have summarized some highlights of my bookbinding, letterpress, hand lettering and inspiration year 2017 with photos.

I was in Dublin and visited the old library and The Book of Kells. You are not allowed to take pictures at the Book of Kells exhibition  but in the old Library its okay. 


I alway find inspiration in my calligraphy tools.

I was a week in Florence. My favorite city. 
I was there as a radiation protection expert - but I find some time to look at the most beautiful city ever and all the art. I'm super happy and inspired when I'm in Florence. 


I try to do some prints in my studio with fig leaves. 
The result first look okay - but I used a soy-oil based ink that started to bled oil after some days. After that I uses waterbed ink or the best oil based ink ever- the vanSon rubber based ink.

To receive inspiration I watched the nice exhibition (ArkDes in Stockholm) about designer Josef Frank. It's very nice to look at the original pattern drawings. In the margins you could find his notes.

In May Robert Green visited Stockholm and talked about Doves Type.

Ever summer, always the same week I go to bookbinding advanced workshop in Leksands Folkh√∂gskola, Sweden. Leif Halldorf is the amazing teacher that learn us all the secrets about bookbinding. We are a group of people from around Sweden that goes to the workshop every year. 
I's the best week of the year. 2017 was dedicated to chemise and box.

What would I do without my Schärfix?!

 Outside Gothenburg there a museum dedicated to water colour paintings. This years summer exhibition was dedicated to one of Swedens best painters. 

I have done a loot of small note/sketch books that I sell at my etsy store. Than You my loved buyers. :-)

Some times myy old Bodoni types come out and play. 
Next year I promise to play with you a lot more.

I was at a master class with Rachel Yallop.

 In november my friend Kerstin and I manage to go to Leiden and the Bookbinding, calligraphy and letterpress fair. It was super mega fantastic. Inspiration and meeting old and new friends. We spent lots of money - next year I think we have to leave our wallets at home with Bosse and Viktor.


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