5 Jan 2017

Holliday vacation

My holiday vacation is soon over, it has been a very nice vacation with lots of food, sleep and reading. But I have also started lots of bookbinding project and I also made some visits to the gym.

Christmas presents - very nice books
I have focused on rounding book blocks, I'm trying to make the perfect rounding. I have to practice lots more... and not take short cuts - for bookbinding it's as in the rest of life - if you don't have a solid ground the end-product will not be perfect.

Two different sketchbooks are finished. I have made them to my calligraphy friend Tina. Tina is throwing a party for her calligraphy friends tonight, so instead of flowers she will receive sketchbooks from me.

1. Petrol-blue case bound sketchbook with gold headband. The book block made of Fabriano 120g/m2 Academia paper. (~20x15 cm2) Bodoni types used to debossing 'Tina'.

2. A simple 15x15 cm2  sketchbook made by Somerset  Waterford CP(NOT) 300g/cm2
I have several of this sketchbook fore sale at my easy shop - but these one I made especial for Tina

wood types used for the cover

 The holidays is over and I'm longing for spring.
My figs believes in warmer weather

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