11 Nov 2016

The Springback: Account book binding

This years topic at the summer course in booking at Leksands folkhögskola was  'Knäpprygg' or Springback.
The account books was often made as a springback- because it can lie open and flat for extended periods of time. Normally the edges of the book block was marbled - because then it was easy to see if the bookkeeper had sheeted and remove a page.
 I'm not satisfied with the result. I don't know way I used soooo boring cloth and my marbling is a disaster. But The Springback has an interesting construction and I like to do another and see if I remember all the steps to make the end leaf.
Peter D. Verheyen and Donia Conn have written an instruction: http://works.bepress.com/peter_verheyen/21/

The Summer course was of course fantastic - It's so nice to have a week with all my super nice bookbinding friends and the excellent tutor Leif Halldorf.


Springbacks made by Leif Halldorf 

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