10 May 2015

Letters and Stone

I'm part of a group that meets every Wednesday for writing letters and calligraphy.
One member is a stone engraver, Sten & Gravyr Hans Nilsson HB, and by using his equipment for sand blasting on stone we put our letters on stones.

1. Decide/design what you want to write
2. Draw your design to a rubber cloth
3. Cut out your design - as a stencil
4. Paste the rubber stencil on your stone
5. Sand blasting
6. Remove the rubber stencil

preparing the stone
work station for sand blasting
Hans sand blasting my stone
My design on rubber stencils
My stone sand blasted
I peeling of the rubber stencil

My finished stones 'Karlins Kitchen'

Stones with rubber stencils waiting for sand blasting

Anna's design on rubber stencil
Kerstin and her beautiful stone
Kerstins 'Ängsbacken'
Magdalena's 'sat nam'
Eva's 'Salome' (Salome was a beloved cat)
Lennart's memorial stone for his families hamsters
Anna's stone sand blasted - but still with the rubber  stencil on
Magdalena's Gil Sans letters
Hans and his work station

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