22 Mar 2015

soft Sunday

I have had a quiet weekend, some bookbinding (I´m preparing a notebook that will be a present to my colleague), taking care of my Easy shop (shipping a book to it´s new owner) and lots of reading. Today It was very cold in Stockholm with light snowing but I manage to go to my favorite store - paper cut. Papercut is a stor full with interesting magazines, books and movies they also have a  web shop. I bought one magazine, one book and one movie. My intention was to only by one magazine but sometimes you fail.

Uppercase - a very creative magazine http://uppercasemagazine.com
In Patterns marimekko - a book about the Finnish textile company patterns. Chronicle Books LLC ISBN:978-4521-3404-8 https://www.marimekko.com
EAMES the architect and the painter - a movie about Charles and Ray Eames Narrated by James Franco.

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