1 Mar 2015


I made one more sketchbook with hand lettering on the cover.

I more or less always bind all my books as 'bindings built up on book', I like to have total control of the process and I think I get a stronger structure. But to day I made a case binding because the paper I used as cover is not so flexible. I was afraid that I had gone made working that paper around the spine.

The cover paper have hand lettering done by me with sumi ink. The quote is from Astrid Sampe - she was the head of NK:s textilkammare  (Department of NK 1936-1971,  Became the center of modern design and decor and was of great importance for the development of Swedish textile.) Astrid Sampe was a very smart lady with control/discipline  of paper, textiles and employees. She said ' Ordning är frihet' - loosely translated ' If you have order you will have freedom'. My interpretation is a contradiction - my hand lettering have lots of freedom but no order.

21 cm x 29 cm
The sections are made of white smooth paper from Sennelier.
Black endpapers and head bands.

The cover before putting it on the book

Front cover

Black head bands and end papers
Back -spine and front of the book