15 Feb 2015

Notebook/sketchbook for the Allotment

The sun is shining and I have started the allotment season by sowing tomatos. 
I have also made a new notebook/sketchbook for my allotment life.  
My allotment book should not be to big - it will travel with me back and forth between my apartment and the allotment. And it will probably be dirty when I use it at the allotment so the cover must be sturdy.
The book is 14x20 cm2 with sections made of Fabriano Accademia 120 g/m2 paper. The cover is grey cloth - Record - bought from Djura Bok & Pappersverkstad  and the green endpapers are a screen printed paper from Polygraphiae also bought at Djura Bok & Pappersverkstad.
I have also tooled flowers on the front with metallic gold foil.

Notebook/sketchbook for the allotment.

Gold headband - a gift from Linda at Djura Bok & Pappersverkstad

endpapers form www.polygraphicae.de


  1. You make so beautiful books. And the small gold flowers are just wow.

  2. Åh vad fint med Polygraphicae som försätts!! Vad du är produktiv, och tack för att du nämner oss, =) Kram

    1. Tack Linda - Polygraphicae är verkligen toppen som försätts.