18 Jan 2015


My new years resolution is to decluttering my apartment, especially my studio. It seems like I always clean my studio. After reading 'the life-changing magic of tidying up - the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing' by Marie Kondo I have realized that my failure is because I have clean up little by little. I have to go all the way - not decluttering one paper drawer unit, I have to decluttering every paper drawers. I have to finish the the studio decluttering project before I start new work/projects in the studio.  The hardest is to throw away 'god to have things' (I have lots of paper, pens etc that I never use). Today I manage to throw  a way a drawer unit with calligraphy sketches, two lamps and lots of scrap papers. I'm happy.

But I also take inspiration brakes and watch Youtube - today I have watching Koosje Koene.

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