8 Nov 2014

Bookbinding - The Lamellae Binding

I was reading ´bookbinder  THE JOURNAL OF SOCIETY OF BOOKBINDERS' from 2012 when I come across an article by Christina Balbiano d'Aramengo. She was explaining the lamellae binding,   first developed by Carmencho Arregui in 2001. Christina is an excellent teacher in real life and the article has the same high standard.
So I decide to test the lamellae binding. It's easy and the result is interesting so I probably make more of this binding.

The cover and spine is made with a single long strip - I used thick graphic paper that I painted with watercolor and applied salt (when the watercolor was still wet) for extra effect. (salt on watercolor don't give the fine results as ice-pattern paper but is a good substitute).
You fold the spine into a narrow concertina to which the section are sewn. 
Between the concertinas on the spine you glue lamellae - I used balsa wood.

Scoring the concertina folds

Sewing the sections onto the concertina

instruction from 'bookbinder' 2012

the glued lamellae drying under pressure

Spine and front+back cover

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