28 Jun 2014

Workshop in advance bookbinding

I'm back after one week in Leksand. I have been at Leksands folkhögskola and a one-week workshop in advanced bookbinding. It's been a super great week with wonderful people and very talented teachers (Leif Halldorf).
The official time for work in the workshop is between 9-16 - but everyone is so interested and dedicated so we are in the workshop between 8-22 - times flies and we are so happy.
Happy happy happy

This year's theme was Gothic bookbinding.
Medieval bookbinding is interesting - but I do not know if I always like the results. I don´t like the metal buckles (bling bling). Mine buckles are extremely ugly, I made them very quickly - as you can se on the result.

On Friday I had some spare time and made a miniature limp binding of waste pieces of leather.

When you are in Leksand you go Linda Gimle and Djura Bok & Pappersverkstad. Linda's paper and bookbinding shop is fantastic. It´s always incredibly fun to visit the shop and you get both inspiration and energy. If you can´t visit the shop you can visit her internet shop.

Paper from Djura Bok & Pappersverkstad

3x5 cm limp binding


  1. kul att se, fina böcker du gjort, vill också göra en gotisk...

  2. Jag vill också göra gotisk! Älskar kapitälen! Tack för dina fina ord.
    Kram från Djura