1 Mar 2014

test printing and bookbinding

I have spending the weekends with test printing with different type of ink; water-, oil- or rubber based ink.
Of course I got the best, shapes print with rubber based ink - but the cleaning take some time. Sometimes I just what to print something small and it's not optimal if the cleaning procedure takes longer time and the printing. Waterbased lino ink (Schminke) works well with moistened papers. I think I start to figure out the best degree of paper-moistening. You don't what to have the print smearing out.
It's very funny to experiment with the ink.

I have made a sketchbook with cover of card stock (the type of card you use to make coasters) that have a rubber based print. 20 x 14,7 cm2. Fabriano Accademia, 180 g/m3.
(Sorry for the very bad photos - my camera is broken.)