15 Sep 2013

visiting bookbinder Lena H

On Saturday I was visiting Örebro and bookbinder Lena Hällzon. 
She has a friend who has a friend who sold a paper guillotine to me. Right now, it is in parts and I have placed it at a friends garage - it needs a little cleaning and love before I can put the pieces together. The problem is that it is heavy and takes some space - so right now I'm not sure where I can put it. 

I was also visiting Lena in her and her husband's house, both studio and residence. It is a very beautiful house. The house are under renovation but it's already super stylish and practical. Lena and Mike has an exquisite interior decorating taste. I was so entranced that I forgot to take a photo. But you will find Lena on her blog: http://bokbinderi.blogspot.se or on Instagram: http://instagram.com/lenahallzon.

It was a very nice day, and it was very inspiring to meet Lena in her studio. 


1 comment:

  1. Det var jättetrevligt att ni kom förbi!!!
    Formen på skärmaskinen var hur fin som helst och den kommer att smycka sin plats.
    allt gott