9 Jun 2013

Longing for Cambridge and some screen printing inspiration

I'm waiting to go to England and did not do anything special in the studio the last week.
Next week I will go to an international calligraphy workshop with Carls Rohrs at The Cambridge Centre, Villiers Park Educational Trust.
I longing...

But of course I want to share with you all the inspiration that I find on the Web.
I'm very fond of textile  screen printing and this is a great inspiration for me:
Ink & Spindle 
consisting of Lara Cameron and Tegan Rose.

You can read about Ink & Spindle in the latest Artisan magazine if you have an ipad.
Artisan Magazine is a really nice digital magazine that really utilizes all the advantages of the medium. Love it.

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  1. Linda Persson - Bookbinding, Printmaking and Calligraphy. ... Last week I was in England at a calligraphy workshop with Carl RohrsPrinting