14 Mar 2013

surface pattern design

I'm working on a surface pattern with leafs.
I'm in a very early sketch stage.
First, I make a simple sketch.
Then I copy the repeat and put out several repeat on the floor. To day I used a very simple repeat layout.
I take a picture and open the image in Photoshop.
The picture gives me a nice overview and I can sketch directly on the image in Photoshop. Very good when you have a large repeat.

Then I go back to pen and paper, using the Photoshop generated sketch as a template or inspiration, and start all over again.
I do not like computer generated surface pattern. I use the computer as a sketching tool but the final pattern  is hand drawn.

The repeat -  leaf sketch

Repeat layout on the floor.

Photoshop picture with corrections

I will come back and show you the next version of the repeat.

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