9 Mar 2013

a week with inspiration

The past week has been filled with inspiration.

On Tuesday night I attended a lecture by  Lotta Külhorn. Lotta is a designer of book covers and pattern designer. She talked about how she work when she brings out a pattern. It was both instructive and inspiring. I was full of ideas when I went home.

Lotta´s book about pattern design 

On Wednesday and Thursday I was in Ystad in a meeting. Ystad is a small town in southern Sweden. The meeting was a meeting of the Swedish Society for Radiation Physics and not so inspiring. BUT Ystad Saltsjöbad where the meeting take place are amazing. I love the Skåne landscape and sea. I managed to take time to go on the fabulous sandy beach (rare for being in Sweden) and collecting rocks and shells.
Wednesday lunch time

Fabulous cake buffé

Thursday morning

Thursday morning

The weekend continues with bookbinding in the studio.

Back in Stockholm

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