27 Jan 2013

period of calm in the studio

After the christmas holiday and lots of hours in the studio I have reach a period of calm.
The last weeks I have not done any significant work. 
But I have visit the Nordic interior design fair, FORMEX, with my sister. My sister is a jewelery designer and she have a ETZY shop, Fantastiskasmycken.   
Yesterday I visit Stockholm's fabulous paper shop Ljunggrens pappershandel to chat with the owner Barbara Bunke and get some inspiration, I bought two nice paper. I probably makes some book cover of the papers. The only thing I have done in the studio i thinking/planning new projects and altered a simple paper binder. 
a simple paper binder to start with

altered binder with red cloth cover and decorative paper inside the cover

paper from Ljunggrens pappershandel

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