19 Nov 2016

Cloth and ink

This weeks sketchbook was covered in an ordinary light beige cloth that I altered with acrylic ink in several layers.

The book was made with Bradle binding technique and the book block was made of Fabriano Artistic paper with golden head bands. The cloth was inked before covering the book.

The cloth and the acrylic ink that I used for coloring the cloth


18 Nov 2016

13 Nov 2016

Sewn Boards Binding

Procrastination - my plan for today was to make christmas cards and training on my calligraphy - but instead I made book with the Sewn Boards Bindings technique.
I used Karen Hanmers excellent descriptions that I find on Guild of Book Workers home page. I also find Karen's pictures of a Sewn Boards Binding http://m.imgur.com/a/ZpERM.

11 Nov 2016

The Springback: Account book binding

This years topic at the summer course in booking at Leksands folkhögskola was  'Knäpprygg' or Springback.
The account books was often made as a springback- because it can lie open and flat for extended periods of time. Normally the edges of the book block was marbled - because then it was easy to see if the bookkeeper had sheeted and remove a page.
 I'm not satisfied with the result. I don't know way I used soooo boring cloth and my marbling is a disaster. But The Springback has an interesting construction and I like to do another and see if I remember all the steps to make the end leaf.
Peter D. Verheyen and Donia Conn have written an instruction: http://works.bepress.com/peter_verheyen/21/

The Summer course was of course fantastic - It's so nice to have a week with all my super nice bookbinding friends and the excellent tutor Leif Halldorf.


Springbacks made by Leif Halldorf 

6 Nov 2016

Stub binding

A small, 7,5 cm x 9,5 cm, book made as a stub binding. It's a easy binding - but you need a paper guillotine to cut the edges.

5 Nov 2016

New sketchbooks

Two new softcover sketchbook- with ink stains.

14,5cm x 15 cm, 36 pages, 300g/m2 Sommerset Waterford CP watercolor paper

'A year from now you may wish you had started today' (Karen Lamb)

24 Apr 2016

Birthday present

I made a small sketchbook for birthday present to a calligraphy and bookbinding friend.
It's a simple book covered in blue skin and some blind embossing and silver-metal foil decorations

17 Apr 2016

one more

I made one more softcover sketchbook- but with letterpress printed cover

14,5cm x 15 cm
300g/m2 Sommerset Waterford CP watercolor paper